Until now we have focused on prostate cancer due to our recent screening event.  However, I am going to now change our focus to a much more common and painful problem: the dreaded kidney stones.

Tennessee is at the heart of the “stone-belt” of America.  It is estimated that 3% of the adult population of the United States will develop kidney stones once in their lifetime – more so in our state where the risk factors increase this percent.

A number of factors can contribute to the development of kidney stones.  These include dehydration, dietary factors, metabolic diseases, infections, and certain medications.  In Tennessee, the increased risk is most consistently attributed to dehydration due to our hot and humid climate.  The high mineral content of our soil, with resultant increase in our water supply also is a factor.  Finally, a family history of kidney stones will increase your risk.

Stay tuned as we discuss this topic further, as there are several simple, inexpensive ways to help prevent this disease.