In my practice I see both a high number of patients suffering from kidney stones and from erectile dysfunction.  Shockwave therapy, or ESWL, is a therapeutic method of fragmenting renal stones using ultrasound to initiate stone passage with decreased pain.

In a new study, a similar method of treating erectile dysfunction has been proposed.  ESWL has been shown to induce blood vessel formation and increased flow post-therapy.  In theory, using the same therapy to induce improved blood flow to the penis may correct erectile dysfunction.

While only a novel study at this time, over a several week course that involved two treatments per week, 15 men showed improved erectile function.  These participants were selected as they had cardiac-disease induced erectile dysfunction (ie. not related to surgery, etc.).  The same patients responded to the oral therapies currently on market for erectile dysfunction.

At 1 month of follow up the same men not only noted improved erectile function, but also no longer required the same medications for intercourse.  Furthermore, in 10 of the men, this effect was sustained for a year.

I find this therapy to be quite interesting, and should this hold up in further research, may be a groundbreaking improvement in treatment of this disease.